Nov 3, 2006


Gunaseelam is a small hamlet, about 16 Kilometers away from Tiruchirapalli on the banks of the holy river Cauvery, on the Salem – Tiruchirapalli Road. The Lord here is known as "Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal" and it is believed that those who are not able to visit Tirumala can obtain the grace of Venkatachalapathy here. I visited this Temple in June 2006. The photo below is the gopra above the Sanctum Sanctoram of Lord Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal at Gunaseelam. It is also believed that the Lord here is the Elder brother of Lord Venkatesa Perumal of Thirumala. So, A debt ( Bedikkai in Kannada and Nethi kadan in Tamil ) to Lord of Thrirumala can be settled in Gunaseelam and not Vice versa.

My Paternal side's family deity ( kula devuru ) is Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal, and I have visited this Temple a number of times since childhood. We used to have Lord's dharshan and picnic on the Cauvery banks. I lived in a joint family, we all would make a trip to this Temple very often. My Mom used to make delicious Chitra anna and bagala bath (curd rice) and some savories. She used to make sondigai ( vadagam) and a sweet too, specially for the trip. We usually hire a van for the day and travel to many pilgrimage places like Namakkal, Gunaseelam and Sri Rangam. And sometimes samayapuram too. The trip will take an entire day. We will reach home at around 9 pm. This year June, I visited my hometown and my Parents took Me, my husband, and my daughter to Gunaseelam. It was a memorable trip. We had very good Dharshan of Lord Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal and we also visited Namakkal, Sri Ranagam and Samayapuram too the same day.

A Very Nostalgic trip to Gunaseelam. Even though they have renovated the temple, I still can remember the temple structure during the good olden days.


Pradeep Soundararajan said...

did you have a look at ?

Mythreyee said...

yes, I did. I could find only that page in the whole of internet. thanks for dropping by.

krishnan said...

Dear Madam,
Now you have plenty of information on Gunaseelam temple on the web.Perhaps this is the only temple of Lord Vishnu (in Tamil Nadu & may be in India)where mentally challenged ones
are treated. Mostly Devi temples and in particular the Kerala ones like Chottanikara temple are the preferred temples for the mentally challenged people

Mythreyee said...

You are correct Krishnan about teating the mentally challenged people. One who visits this temple will instantly fall in love at this beautiful place.


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