Nov 1, 2006

Yellow Hanging Flowers

Recently, I had been to a place called Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz,CA. It was a beautiful place amidst the thick forest. Tall trees all around and Colorful Flowers to beautify the place more. I caught glance of this Wonderful, Big Yellow Flowers hanging downwards. I am not a Botany student and don't know its botanical name. Just named it "The Big Yellow Flowers". Click, and here is that beautiful sight I saw.


SRK said...

really the flowers are beautiful.
give this blog link in your recipe blog,so access will be easy.--SRK

Mythreyee said...

If you click the About Me link in the recipe blog, it links to this blog.

uma said...

Good going!!! U are soon to become popular.

SRK said...

I noticed it only now.Thanks for pointing out.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos! i'm a painter named Virginia & have painted those flowers - they are called angel trumpets!

Mythreyee said...

Thanks Virginia.


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